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Wish Bones, Rabbit Feet & Four Leaf Clovers

New beginning, New Me?

Scratch that, a chance to recreate me.

Have you ever thought to yourself "If I knew this earlier I wouldn't have done blank.”

Self-realisation has a most annoying habit of only showing up after the crime has been committed.

A change of heart comes with the heavy baggage of reputation established by an embarrassing or even shameful past.

Regardless of race, language or religion, everyone has wished for a second chance to erase all memory of a scarring mistake that we made in our early (or not) years of adolescence (or ignorance).

I was blessed enough to have this wish granted, kinda.

Gifted to me is a chance to go to a new world where my reputation has yet to be established and memories of my younger, less-developed self do not exist at all.

March 21st, at 5 am in the morning, a gift with the grant to my wish was delivered to me in the form of a college acceptance letter.

Goodbye hot and humid Singapore, Hello hot and not so humid LA.

WHAAAAAATTTT??? Yes, folks, you heard right! Your girl is in college!!!

I have been accepted to BIOLA University for an Undergraduate degree in Journalism.

It was a bit of roller coaster choosing the track of my college career, here's a condensed summary of the chain of dilemmas.

First, my Major.

I was planning on majoring in Cinema ; Media Arts cuz well... it's a cool major.

Of course, as an Asian, I consulted my aaamaaaaazing Academic councillor for advice. My Mom. My incredibly perceptive councillor thought it would be more appropriate for me, a blogger, to major in journalism. Incredible Insight. (LUV U MAMA THANK YOU SO MUCH.)

Next, my Emphasis.

Being the amazing institute it is, BIOLA offers four concentrations under my major. 1. Cross-Cultural Media 2. Broadcasting 3. Writing & Publishing 4. Visual Media

I liked the thought of being in front of the camera (says the girl who takes self-portraits hiding her face) so I thought that broadcasting would be a great fit. That was it, settled, signed, done. Official. Yay.

I was very satisfied with my decision and I left it, certain that I had made the right choice.

A couple weeks later my very very veerrryyy wise Academic Councillor decides to question that certainty.

My emphasis is now Visual Media.

Following these two came an assortment of I-don't-really-have-a-choice arrangements which determined…

My dorm building, My room, My roommate, My sister is my roommate.

Months have flown by since then and it is officially time for me to board the plane bound for LAX and bid Singapore goodbye for a very long time.

The sentimental emotions have settled in and reality has triggered the waterworks.

Till we meet again Singapore.

Until then it’s onward and how do you do to a new Thecla, taking her baby steps into the City of Angels.

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