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MLK Jr. Day at Santa Monica Pier

In a college student's life, there are 4 things that give us, sleep-deprived, caffeine-addicted individuals enough hope to break a smile.

1. Class Cancellations 2. Deadline Extensions 3. Free food of any sort (As long as it is not from the Caf) 4. LONG WEEKENDS!!!

This week we were gifted with a long weekend delivered by none other than Martin Luther King Jr himself, kinda.

As I mentioned above, I am a college student and I am one who stays on campus. College students who dorm do not want to stay on campus. So eight of my friends and I organised a day trip down at Santa Monica Beach.

I have never been more proud of myself for bringing my camera.

The whole place looked like a scene from a dream.

I also used this opportunity to find contributions to my street photography homework. (A College Student's Work is never done (till graduation)) Asking strangers for permission to shoot them was really hard. I stood next to this one guy for 10 minutes because I was too scared to ask. Eventually one of my friends couldn't take it anymore so he went up and asked for me. Yay for good friends~

Here are some shots!

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