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#WhyIMarch: Los Angeles Women's March 2018

#WhyIMarch: LA Women's March 2018

So I had the opportunity to go downtown with my photography class to shoot the 2018 Women's March.

It was my first time attending a march in my entire life so I didn't really know what to expect or what kind of photos I could get there.

So my class and I got there at about 9:30 am just before people started marching. There was an approximate of 500,000 attendees. In other words, everywhere I turned there was a photo to be taken. I begin falling prey to taking regular news documenting photos rather than creating a photo series that had a story.

I came to this realisation bout 45 minutes into the march and so I stopped myself and started looking for a story that I could use my photos to craft.

I scanned through the crowd for a constant subject that but could also be diverse. That was when I noticed the children in the crowd.

To me, children have the most honest reactions to anything. They have yet to be fully converted to their parent's beliefs and haven't been trained to hide their facial expressions yet. There were children who had expressions of awe, watching the crowd unfold beneath them while they were perched safely on the shoulders of their parents. Other children weren't so fortunate and were tugged along beside their mothers and fathers, gripping onto their hands so as to not get washed away by the crowd above them.

Some children were scared, other children we fascinated.

I found the subject for my photos.

I found this to be in correlation with one of the official hashtags of the march "#WhyIMarch". A lot of us march for a better future but parents march with a dream of creating a better, greater America for their children.

With this in mind, I then begin snapping away for my series which will later be called "The Children We March For."

Check it out~ I hope you enjoy it.

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